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Some people live for decades before they discover their true passion and purpose and start to feel comfortable in their own skin and willing to follow the tug of their heartstrings. We sometimes forget we are spiritual beings above all else and that we are worthy and deserving of great good, and so we give away our power by listening to the voice of others above our own. This doesn’t have to be your experience.

Women Living On Purpose is a collection of twenty stories by conscious women who have navigated significant and sometimes life-altering transformations. These women have at times stumbled along the way or resisted their inner knowing— and then decided to pursue their dreams and face their challenges with humor, grace, and intention. Their stories will ease your journey with guidance and inspiration so you can make the empowering changes you envision for your life.

Discover and Live Your Purpose with these Lessons and Stories:

  • Release the past so you can move forward with ease
  • Techniques to relieve stress, tension, and overwhelm
  • Heal your body through mind-body-spirit modalities
  • Envision abundant business, personal, and spiritual growth
  • Tap into your passion and live your life on purpose
  • Step out of your ‘job’ and into entrepreneurial freedom
  • Gracefully manage divorce, break-ups, loss, and abandonment
  • Listen to the voice of your Spirit and the whispers of your heart


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    POWERFUL YOU! Publishing

    We are a publisher of inspirational and empowerment books, mostly by women. Our anthology books have helped more than 300 women become published authors. Our mission is to raise the vibration of people and the planet and to connect and empower individuals in their lives. If your mission is aligned, we’d love to publish your book and story.

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    21-Day Feel Good Challenge – with Sue Urda

    Sue Urda is your Feel Good Gal. She is an Award-Winning and #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Co-Founder of Powerful You! Publishing. She is committed to helping entrepreneurs and all women thrive, get connected, and share their stories. Sue empowers individuals to live with purpose, grace, and ease and to FIND THE FEEL GOOD and embody it every day.

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    AmondaRose Igoe, "Your Speaking Success Strategist"

    AmondaRose Igoe, “Your Speaking Success Strategist”, is an Award-Winning Speaking Expert and Best-Selling Author. She has taught thousands of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Business Professionals step-by-step speaking systems so they can effectively so they can effectively share their message and enjoy massive results. She is the creator of the 6-Figure Empowered $peaker Event for WOMEN who want to magnetize their audience, monetize their message and make an impact.

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    Living by Human Design

    Human Design is a new system of self-knowledge and self-awareness that differs fundamentally from anything else that exists in the world today. It is not built on belief or faith but is a logical, empirical system based on ancient wisdoms and quantum physics. New book by Karen Flaherty available on Amazon!

    BONUS GIFT: A complimentary Human Design chart drawn from your birth data. What emerges is a genetic map, a blueprint for your life's journey. You will also receive a complimentary report describing your unique Energy Type and your decision-making strategy. Get Your Gift


    I am a clinical nutritionist and weight loss expert and offer free coaching for those participating in the Isagenix cleansing and fat burning system.

    BONUS GIFT: BONUS GIFT: Free 30 minute consultation and a copy of my book Trusting Your Inner Physician: Practical Prescriptions to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Abundant Wealth and Total Freedom Get Your Gift

    LeNae Goolsby

    LeNae Goolsby is a Personal Power Activator, Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker, Author, and Regularly Featured Expert in Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and many others. She is also the Co-Founder of Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, boutique integrative medical practice located in New Orleans and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

    BONUS GIFT: Sometimes it is helpful to have a visual reference for where we may need to shift our focus and energies with respect to the various aspects and demands of our life. The Lotus of Life Personal Assessment Quiz helps you to easily identify those areas where you may need a little help in realigning. Get Your Gift


    Toxin-free products made with wild crafted and USDA certified organic ingredients! PURE Baby ~ PURE Basics ~ PURE Home ~ PURE Pets and AlphaZelle's newest line, Nature's Golden Miracle, Premium grade CBD products for People & Pets.

    BONUS GIFT: Are you Being Poisoned? A Handbook to Toxic Ingredients. This educational handbook explores over 130 individual toxic ingredients. These harmful ingredients are not only found in most personal care products, but in all aspects of our lives including the food we consume. Download our FREE e-book Get Your Gift


    Amy is a Source intuitive, channeler and gifted energy healer who teaches creative entrepreneurs how to leave struggle behind and step into a impassioned life of unlimited possibility and empowered choice. Amy is the creator of powerful meditations that work and programs that create breakthroughs in prosperity, joy and well being. &

    BONUS GIFT: Move easily from stuck-ness and struggle to flow and ease around money in your life! This powerful Money Reiki Healing mp3 aligns you with the vibration of money to open up your money flow. You will also receive the Instant Joy Process mp3 to keep your vibration high along with tools to support the Healing mp3 so you are aligned with the abundance you wish to receive! Get Your Gift

    RayZen Energy

    Sarah Lascano is the founder of RayZen Energy, where she is an energy medicine practitioner, instructor, and best-selling author. She has been featured in Your Health Magazine and is a recognized Energy Healing Expert. It is her passion to help people discover the root cause of their health problems and move forward in health freedom.

    BONUS GIFT: Are you ready to amp up change in your life? 'Welcome Transformation: Get Your Life Moving' is a ten minute energy healing session that helps you welcome change and create amazing movement in your life. Remove blocks to change from your past and welcome ease and synchronicity. Get your life moving! Get Your Gift


    Women In Joy, founded by Laura Rubinstein is an online retreat for Women. You can share and receive inspiring messages. Ask Coach Laura your questions and she will share her advice. Access the tools for cultivating your Feminine Power and living a joy-filled, passionate, juicy life!

    BONUS GIFT: Are you ready to have more soul-connected juicy relationships? How about living authentically without stress or guilt and create flowing success! It all starts with a conscious awareness of our feminine essence. The Living In Feminine Energy Guide is here as our personal gift to you. Get Your Gift

    Nora Yolles Young

    Nora Yolles Young B.C.H, C.I., LBL® Nora's work as a certified integrative and regression hypnotherapist and instructor; Life Between Lives® therapist; Soul Consciousness Coach are her art and her soul’s purpose. She blends her understanding of consciousness and culture in her one-on-one and group sessions, training, lectures and publications.

    BONUS GIFT: Connect and have greater access to the innate technology that lies within you and level up in all areas of your life with a free 1:1, 30 minute discovery call with Nora Yolles Young. Have the experience of discovering what working Nora will be like. You won't want to miss it. Get Your Gift

    Mary Allison Brown, MSW

    Mary Allison Brown, MSW is a licensed mental health therapist, coach, and the author of "Align With Joy: A 30-Day Guided Joy Journal Designed to Help You Cultivate a Life Filled With Joy and Gratitude." Mary Allison is on a mission to redefine self-care as mental health hygiene.

    BONUS GIFT: TAKE THE BEST CARE OF YOURSELF SO YOU CAN SHOW UP AS THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. In this free five-day sustainable self-care challenge, I'll be giving you the tools and frameworks you need to create a plan for sustainable self-care that fits your life. Get Your Gift

    Kumari Healing

    Founder of Divine Human Institute, Kumari is a catalyst for soul-full evolution. Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, Reiki Master and best-selling author, Kumari was a civil rights attorney when her father died of cancer, inspiring her to master energy medicine. For the past 33 years she has facilitated profound transformations for thousands of people and their beloved animals.

    BONUS GIFT: Higher Heart Chakra Activation - The opening of this new Higher Heart chakra energy center is a key step in your spiritual awakening. Your Higher Heart chakra is your gateway to higher consciousness, aligning your life in love, prosperity, joy, fulfillment and purpose. Additionally, activating this region supports a healthy thymus gland which plays a crucial role in strengthening your immune system. Get Your Gift

    Marcy Neumann ♥ The HeartShift Coach

    Marcy Neumann is one of the world's leading experts on Self Love energy healing, and her proprietary process of HeartShifting results in lasting changes.

    BONUS GIFT: How to Go From Self Sabotage to Self Love in Just 5 Days: Do nothing and let self sabotage continue to rain all over your life, or download this free E-book and discover what you can do right now over the next 5 days to help you go from Self Sabotage to seeing the world and yourself through Self Love. (Oh, did I mention this is exactly how to make lasting change, not just a quick fix?) Get Your Gift

    Dr. Erica Martinez, RN

    I am Dr. Erica Martinez - Expert Registered Nurse, Entrepreneur, Educator, Storyteller, Author, and all-around Sherpa, and I am dedicated to helping women burn brighter and find the courage to be who they are authentically meant to be.

    BONUS GIFT: Find your true voice and your inner sense of wisdom to be seen, heard, and counted. We can all learn to be our authentically wonderful beautiful selves every moment of every day, and you will feel so much freer and lighter when you stop living into someone else’s or even the World’s expectations for you. Get Your Gift


    Jennifer Hamady is a vocal coach and therapist specializing in the technical and emotional issues that interfere with self-expression. Based in New York City and Washington DC, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians and others to discover, develop, and confidently release their best personal, professional, and performance potential. She writes for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today on matters of creativity and is the author of three books and vocal and personal self-expression.

    BONUS GIFT:Enjoy the first chapter of Jennifer’s latest book, "The Art of Singing” about the psychology, relationships, and technology in recording and performing. Get Your Gift

    Loving To Be WE

    Best-selling author shares her mystical bonding with a younger Jamaican father living in poverty, and passionately details their 26-year romance, parenting, and marriage still going strong. The former director of a multicultural institute illuminates ways to overcome cross-cultural conflicts, and understand Jamaican, Rastafari, and U.S. cultures. An intriguing memoir full of incredible obstacles and drama.

    BONUS GIFT: “Live It Up” e-book highlights how Cheri, in early 2013, used lifestyle changes to heal from a grim Stage 4 Lung Cancer diagnosis in less than three months. Certified as a Cancer Education Coach, she offers free consultation via WhatsApp 876.517.8504 and Zoom and with visitors booked in their guest home overlooking Montego Bay, Jamaica. Get Your Gift

    Patricia Campbell

    Transformational Life Coach For Women. As a result of my group and one/one coaching programs, women learn the system for creating extraordinary results in every area of their lives. They eliminate limiting beliefs, step into their greatness and build lives they absolutely love living.

    BONUS GIFT: A Guidebook For Women. 3 Steps To Create a Blueprint For Your Dream Life. Learn how to create a crystal clear blueprint that accelerates your results in Business, Love, Health and Wealth. If you are ready to create a life you truly love living, what you’ll discover inside the step-by-step guidebook will truly help you. Get Your Gift

    Laina Orlando

    A modern-day mystic and spiritual teacher, Laina Orlando, takes a fresh and fun approach to simplifying spirituality for today’s seekers of Truth. Laina’s own awakening propelled her to share what is possible when one truly commits to transformation. Laina is an author, workshop facilitator, speaker, Awareness coach and teacher of A Course In Miracles.

    BONUS GIFT: The Soul's Journey is designed to offer seekers of Truth a comprehensive roadmap of the 6 phases everyone must travel from conception to enlightenment. The Soul's Journey will assist you in making perfect sense of how you, a Divine Soul, became lost in the ego-made illusion of separation, and what you must do to awaken. Get Your Gift

    Dancing Jaguar Inspirations

    With a holistic approach to integrating mind, body, and spir­it, this company teaches children how to nurture their inner world. When children are encouraged to trust their intuition, honor their truth, and speak from the heart, they are empowered with wisdom in their toolbox for life.

    BONUS GIFT: Negative self-talk undermines our self-confidence and stops us from reaching our full potential. If you have an inner critic that is constantly undermining your progress, the “Meeting Your Inner Critic" script will help you identify thought patterns that are blocking you from creating the life of your dreams. Get Your Gift

    Jenn Drakes

    Jenn Drakes’s mentorship empowers self-saboteurs to have 'amour de soi' so they can reach their full devine potential. What she calls “DEVINTASTICAL” living. Her practice philosophy calls out that pursuing a career/business was aimed at building a life. That life includes the personal and professional aspects of you. Life starts with self, then expands outward to others through love and reciprocity.

    BONUS GIFT: Our You Are Worth More Nurturing Centre is offering FREE, the first chapter of the book "Aladdin Carpets", plus a 20-minute consultation, and attending a Book Reading Soiree with Jenn. Get Your Gift

    Margi Ruiz

    Margi is a successful entrepreneur, missionary, coach, author and speaker. She is passionate about helping other moms #wakeupprayupbossup as they navigate their families through the chaos of mental health. Her 5-day morning routine challenge and 2-day event, Reclaim Yourself, Body, Mind, & Soul, have helped countless women create the life they desire and deserve.

    BONUS GIFT: The 10-5-5 Formula To Finding Peace In The Everyday Chaos Of Life!
    This formula will guide you to start your day with gratitude, letting go and letting God, and praying for yourself and others. This part of your morning routine will help you find peace in your heart that will last all day! Get Your Gift

    Michelle Pesonen - Life & Legacy Coaching 💜

    Michelle Pesonen coaches and empowers women to heal and fully align with their destiny. Leaving a legacy built on a foundation of love and pure positive impact, and to consciously raise the vibration of the planet… one person at a time. Let’s discover your legacy of pure positive impact.

    BONUS GIFT: Experience “15 Ways to Clear the Path to Joyful Manifestation”. 15 simple and powerful tools for growth, connection, and effortless flow. Thank you for being here…I look forward to connecting. Get Your Gift

    Sharon Ann Rose

    Sharon Ann Rose is an Author and Feminine Alchemist who helps empower women to reclaim their vitality and build their lasting legacy during the midlife transition (and beyond!) so they can step into the next chapter of their lives with grace, bad ass! wisdom, intuitive connection, creativity and confidence.

    BONUS GIFT: A Self-Love Healing Transmission to soothe the nervous system, support inner knowing, and ignite soulful connection as you rediscover a deeper wisdom and purpose alive and well inside, that will aid you in moving forth with lasting self-respect and dignified self-care. Get Your Gift

    Creative Leadership Systems

    A dynamically evolving world calls for dynamic new thought processes for leading ourselves and others through these times. Dr. Moira Forsythe supports development of unique, effective ways of staying in the flow with strategies that work. Personal, professional, organizational growth tools that creatively engage the new paradigms of tomorrow, today.

    BONUS GIFT: Creating Resilience in Times of Change & Challenge. A visually rich guide to discovering your strengths and deepening your capacity for joyful resilience in times of change. Get Your Gift

    Betsy Lambert

    The Body Code works remotely to identify tissue imbalances within a client's body that are caused by trapped negative emotions and thought patterns. Using its Emotion Code tool, the Body Code is then able to permanently remove these negative energies so that clients can heal from physical and emotional trauma.

    BONUS GIFT: Anyone who is unsure if the Body Code will work for them is invited to have a FREE consultation with Betsy Lambert. In this no obligation, 20-minute consultation you will be invited to share your concerns and hear how her technique might be able to help you overcome them. GET YOUR GIFT from her website. Get Your Gift


    Change your mind, change your world. Linda Lang is a gifted healer and mentor who guides her clients to step beyond limiting beliefs, patterns and unresolved emotions into higher states of life mastery. With over 35 years experience bridging energy, intuition and healing, Linda has a vast and varied repertoire for self-exploration and transformation.

    BONUS GIFT: Do you feel you have a big mission? Or sense an inner calling pushing you forward? ENJOY this energetic alignment process that will raise your vibration, bring you into alignment with your vision, and help you find resonance for the manifestation of your vision. Get Your Gift

    Klara Brown

    Klara is a Professional Counselor and a Certified Relationship and Success Coach. She is an author, inspiring speaker, and tranformational coach. She has 20+years of experience transforming women's lives. She guides you to discover untapped potential, to regain self-love, and confidence, and to design a life that worth celebrating. Klara assists you in achieving optimal success in an accelearated amount of time.

    BONUS GIFT: Would you like to live a life not by chance but choice? Connect with Klara via email to schedule a free 30 - minute strategy session and begin the process of uncovering obstacles that may be holding you back. Klara provides tools and tips to Empower You! Get Your Gift

    Leslie Nolan Design- ‘Get Your Mojo Back!

    I work with Creative Entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo and inspirational vision. I help them reclaim their power, and find the courage to create their great work.

    BONUS GIFT: Get Instant Access to Your Gift! "How to Get Your Mojo Back!" The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide ~ Receive Five Energetic Keys to ignite and remove creative blocks. Tap into your intuition to help you through transition and big change. Discover what is holding you back. Find innovative connections for breakthrough. Receive unique perspective of your situation in alignment with your values. Get Your Gift

    Ladybug Wellness

    Ladybug Wellness is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve balance within their energy system to promote overall health and wellness. This website is a wealth of resources that will inspire anyone to find their true calling and passion by letting go of anything in their past that hinders them from a life worth living.

    BONUS GIFT: Would you like to have more clarity and focus in your life; feel more whole, balanced and energized? Emotion Code is a non-invasive effective technique to release trapped negative energies that hinder you from feeling and experiencing all the good that life has to offer. Receive your complimentary introductory mini session here: Get Your Gift


    Elaine Wiliams ~ Captivate the Crowd

    The best way to grow your business is through speaking and video. Statistics show that consumers are 141% more likely to buy a service/product once they've watched a video. Elaine’s clients have gone from never doing video or speaking live to having their own You Tube Channels, doing International Book Tours, and speaking for NASA. Elaine loves to help women go from squeaking to speaking with conviction.

    BONUS GIFT: This Video Plan Content Creation Guide is going to rock your world! It helps you put all of your ideas and topics in one place. You will use this guide to help you capture all of your brilliance so that your ideal prospects become your dream clients because of your presence on camera! Get Your Gift

    Catherine Ewing, LCSW, MDiv

    Women's Transformation Coach and Mentor, trauma healing expert, TEDx speaker and EFT Practitioner, Catherine blends science, psychology, metaphysics and spirituality to help clients heal, awaken and transform. She is passionate about helping those she works with to release old beliefs, behaviors and emotions that keep them unhealthy and unfulfilled and in supporting women in midlife to birth their brilliance!

    BONUS GIFT: Guided Meditation and Journal to Discover Your Life Purpose. Get Your Gift

    Navigating Through Quicksand, LLC

    Ashley Gustafson is an author, inspirational speaker, interactive workshop presenter, fitness creator and confidence coach. She is a woman who follows her heart and lives with passion, creating the life she has always envisioned while helping others do the same. Ashley is the founder and CEO of Navigating Through Quicksand, LLC where she embraces challenges as opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed in all aspects of life.

    BONUS GIFT: Ashley will provide you with 4 free lessons focused on providing you tools to: remind you how strong you are, turn struggles into opportunities, simplify what we often make so complex and how to create the life you really want. Get Your Gift

    Amber Taylor Coaching

    Amber Taylor is a life coach who advocates for the betterment and excellence of Black women leveling up their lives through owning their authenticity and prioritizing their pleasure. She is dedicated to helping you become the best version of yourself and honing your Black Girl Magic!

    BONUS GIFT: Comprehensive Guide on how you can love yourself better in 10 ways! Download the guide and schedule your free 30 minute coaching session for a deeper dive into how you can apply these lessons to your life today! Get Your Gift

    Career Purpose Assessment with Mousami

    Mousami is a Certified Purpose Clarity Coach, aspiring motivational speaker and the founder of A Look Within, LLC. Originally from Nepal, she moved to the US with hopes of a brighter future. Her mission is to guide women who feel unfulfilled and unaligned in their career path to drop all their “shoulds,” fully embrace their desires, and live an empowered life of heart-aligned purpose, power and peace.

    BONUS GIFT: FREE 30-min Career Purpose Assessment Session for those who want to find your purpose but don't know how. During this session, I will identify a few areas of opportunity you could work on in order to get closer to your goal of finding your purpose. Get Your Gift

    Kathryn Ford

    Kathryn Ford is a Celebrity Life Coach and Women’s Empowerment Expert who takes women to their most amazing next chapter in life. She is a “Woman of the Year” nominee for the Los Angeles Business Journal and has been featured in mass media including television, newspaper, magazine, radio and the internet including GMA’s Robin Roberts’ media production company, and Yahoo! News & Finance

    BONUS GIFT: My powerful, Be Well! Daily Affirmations, set the tone for a new way of thinking and feeling each day and ultimately will raise your vibration to live from this new state of being. They will arrive in your inbox each morning, Monday-Friday and support you in Living a Life of Excellence. Get Your Gift


    Saira Priest is the author of: “Zen of Hoarding - 108 offerings for deciding what you own.” Clear the space between the clutter and your calling. “Seek Joy,” relax to a reading meditation filled with natural images paired with uplifting reflections. “If We Were…” share a sweet message of sharing with a child you love.

    BONUS GIFT: "SEEK JOY" e-book download. Sign up for a "Dose of Joy" occasional inspirations by email, and receive an email with your FREE PDF E-BOOK titled "SEEK JOY" filled with beautiful images and encouraging words for your journey. Get Your Gift

    Patti Fagan Award-Winning Success Coach

    Are you a female entrepreneur who struggles with pricing your services and charging what you’re worth? Are you ready to end the cycle of under-earning that you’ve been tolerating for way too long? Then Patti Fagan, Certified Success & Money Coach, will show you how to transform your money relationship so you can explode your income and create the financial abundance you deserve. For financial empowerment tips, visit:

    BONUS GIFT: Are you ready to release your money blocks and stop under-earning? Discover 101 disempowering beliefs that might be blocking your financial abundance. Patti’s new free guide includes an exercise to breakthrough your money blocks starting now' Get Your Gift

    Sue Loncaric – Women Living Well After 50

    Women Living Well After 50! I'm Sue Loncaric Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach and Group Fitness Instructor. Inspiring, motivating and informing Women Over 50 to embrace life live well in all facets of their lives. Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Self-Awareness, Goals & Dreams, Travel and much more all combine together for a live well lived.

    BONUS GIFT: Free ebook - 30 ways to make Self-Care a Daily Habit. Get Your Gift

    DeAnne C. Gauya, MS, CPT, LMT, NCBTMB, E-RYT 200

    DeAnne is a Holistic Fitness Coach, Stress Reduction Expert, Amazon Best-selling Author, National Speaker, and the CEO (Creative Energetic Orchestrator) of her own business and brand, GAUYAFIT, LLC. For over 30 years, she has remained on the ‘cutting edge’ of Mind/Body Medicine and Holistic Fitness. DeAnne has helped 1,000s of clients across the country develop healthier lifestyles and improve their fitness. She is on a mission to help as many Active Agers as she possibly can. If you would like to be more stress resistant, resilient, adaptable, healthier, happier, and able to live your life full of possibility, positivity, and freedom, then DeAnne is your woman.

    BONUS GIFT: DeAnne can help you learn to “Surf the waves of your life with less stress + MORE JOY. Why not start today? Complete the GAUYAFIT Lifestyle Fitness Assessment and book a free 20-minute Zoom call Get Your Gift

    Happy and Free On Purpose

    At Be Happy First, we teach you how to be truly happy and in love with your life and full of excitement for what you're creating next. You are the creator of your life and you get to have everything you want. Happiness is a choice! Choose to be Happy and Free on Purpose!

    BONUS GIFT: "Happy and Free On Purpose: Daily Practices to Live and Love Your Life" is a fantastic new book that will help you to learn to really begin to be in love with your life. Our FREE mini-study guide will get you started and on YOUR path to happiness and freedom. Get started being happier today! Get Your Gift


    The Gusty Gal with Soul™ movement is luring powerful women to inspired action, led by of the ultimate crusader, Roe. As a strong advocate for feminine/masculine balance and women having it all, she has women taking more risks and achieving more than they ever had before gracefully. Her company is dedicated to leading women leaders to develop their highest calling.

    BONUS GIFT: The Gutsy Gals Guide To: Blending Financial Success with Spiritual Fulfillment. Receive my Feminine Power Branding with Archetypes Assessment and Master Class. This will enable you to capture the spirit, personality, and passion that infuses everything you do and unlocks the powerful, instantly recognizable presence within you that’s a client-attraction and opportunity magnet. Value $597 Get Your Gift

    Suzanne S. Bailey, Energy Coach & Intuitive Healer

    Suzanne, energy coach & healer, is passionate about helping people move from pain to power & peace. A vessel for Source energy, Reiki Master, and using other modalities, Suzanne combines energy coaching, belief-sculpting, and intuitive healing to put her clients in the director’s chair to create healthy, magical, joy-filled lives.

    BONUS GIFT: Are you ready to heal the root of your pain? Suzanne would love to jump-start your healing process with a complimentary, customized 15-minute Micro-Healing Session. You can also receive a free gift audio download, Divine Micro-healing. Use it as often as you wish for any issues that need healing. Get Your Gift

    Loving Yourself Freely Life Coaching

    Cindy Chipchase is a Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher, Certified Life Coach, Author and Founder of Circle of Hearts Society for Women. Her passion for empowering women evolved from her own healing journey facilitated by Reiki, Yoga and the support of a strong "Tribe" of women who embraced and supported her on her journey.

    BONUS GIFT: Would you like to learn how to "love yourself freely?" Connect with Cindy via email to schedule a free 20 minute consult to begin the process of uncovering obstacles that may be holding you back. Cindy will provide you with tips and tools to begin the process of Empowering Your Life. Get Your Gift

    Andrea Firpo, Psychic Cheerleader

    Andrea Firpo is a Psychic Cheerleader focused on transformational healing by building awareness in the body and mind around the deep conditioning of emotional trauma. The simple yet powerful energetic tools she teaches helps you identify blocks, expand your intuition, heal and make incredible paradigm shifts in your life.

    BONUS GIFT: Balance Your Energy For Calm And Protection - This meditation will help you navigate challenging circumstances, feel better, creating the intentional life that you want. Replenish your energy when you get drained, shield yourself from daily stress, irritants and other people’s energy, and release any burden, anxiety, resentment or overwhelm. Get Your Gift

    RMD Coaching & Consulting

    Boutique coaching and consulting firm dedicated to inspiring leaders and teams to develop themselves and create positive change in their organizations while retaining their humanity and authenticity, even in the face of monumental change and challenge.

    BONUS GIFT: Based on Renee's successful Ted Talk that captured over 500K views in less than 3 months, this 4-Step Guide will help you implement the practice of Authentic Inaction so that you can more consistently and wholeheartedly take the most Authentic Action in your professional and personal life. Get Your Gift


    Dr. Jo Anne White is an International #1Bestselling, Award Winning Author, Speaker, Certified Life, Business and Spiritual Coach and Goodwill Global Ambassador. She’s also the Executive Producer and Host of the Power Your Life Shows. Her coaching, training and seminars inspire, empower and transform people and businesses to achieve greater wellness, master success, thrive and triumph.

    BONUS GIFT: Soul Manifestation E-Book by Dr. Jo Anne White. Your Soul is always guiding you. Are you listening? Tap into the knowledge of your soul and live more in tune with your soul’s calling. You can manifest your soul’s vision and have more inner peace, self-expansion and joy and begin right now. Get Your Gift

    AC Empowerment Project

    ACEP is a personal Development educational organization that aims to empower women immigrants to overcome challenges and life interruptions through personal development education, training, and guidance.

    BONUS GIFT: 5 Timeless Step To Amplify Your Personal Development Journey - Complimentary E-Guide. Are you an overwhelmed immigrant woman looking to enhance one of your many attributes to allow you to unlock your life goals and upskill in fulfilling your potential? Please start here; ACEP used one of the oldest yet timeless and most valuable West African symbols as guidance on your journey to personal development practices. Get Your Gift

    Starry Starry Vibes

    Hello beautiful being! I am Karina, and I created Starry Starry Vibes with the goal of harmonizing the planet's frequency, one earthling at a time through tools that I have spent a lot of time learning these past couple of years including Astrology, Tarot, Oracle, the Akashic Records and art. Through Starry Starry Vibes, I can help you discover your own cosmic blueprint according to the stars & in relation to your partner!

    BONUS GIFT: My gift is a voice recorded Summer Solstice Akashic Reading transmission which also doubles as a meditation to bring you back home to your soul and shine a light on some questions that are being brought to the surface through the tides of the times. Get Your Gift

    Disrupt For Good

    I am Rebecca Saltman. I stand for open-ended creation of a better world. I am a visionary of change and rabble-rouser for good. I believe OUR big work is to establish a future that is equally distributed, where women’s voices are critical. My purpose is to ensure an impact where all women are seen, heard, and believed.

    BONUS GIFT: ARE YOU CASSANDRA OR DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS??? If you are, you likely resonate with the “struggle” of being believed. For your free gift, I will take you through an exercise around being believed and hope it will create some new thoughts and ease for you. Get Your Gift (PASSWORD = BELIEVE)

    Embracing Change with Carol McClelland Fields

    Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC is a business mentor, trainer, and author of the Seasons of Change and Purpose Clarity. Carol provides refreshing perspectives and powerful insights to those in transition as they transform their confusion, frustration, and procrastination into clarity, hope, and positive action. She also mentors Change Catalysts who support clients in transition.

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    Crystal Reiki

    Crystal Reiki provides spiritual health and well-being to clients and groups through education, coaching, Shamanic work and Reiki. Reiki is a natural (non-pharmacological) spiritual practice that supports self-healing in body, mind and spirit. Transform trauma and loss into life wisdom and strength through spiritual healing.

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    Kathryn Nichole

    Kathryn Nichole uses Evolutionary Astrology and the Akashic Records to help you find clarity and empowerment on your journey of self discovery and spiritual growth.

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    Donna W. Woo, DC, LAT, ATC, CCSP

    Dr. Donna W. Woo has helped thousands of patients, including professionals, business owners, and their families. She noticed their stress levels often contributed to their pain. Now, as an Ambassador of Happiness, Dr. Woo's main purpose is to help transform people to live intentionally and cultivate the relationship with themselves to create a life of abundance in health, wealth, usefulness and joy!

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