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Transformation can come in one big A-HA moment or it can come in a series of small insights, shifts, and changes over time. Living through transformation requires strength of spirit, consistency, willingness, and desire – along with many simple practices and a trained mindset. It’s not always easy, but transformation is definitely always worth it. 

This e-book is a compilation of mindful and meaningful tips, thoughts, and practices intended to enhance your own moment-to-moment transformational life experience.

As you read these tips and incorporate them into your daily routine, you’ll find you’re more fully engaged with the people in your life, you’ll be less stressed, and enjoy more simple pleasures and fulfillment. You’ll also experience more peace, harmony, and EASE with your family, loved ones, friends, coworkers, and community.

These tips are short and sweet because we know you have a full and busy life. Use them daily to enhance your personal life experience – use one, use all – either way, you’ll love them!

About the Authors
The individuals sharing these tips are the 20 co-authors of the new book The Truth & Art of Transformation for Women ~ The magic of shifting your mindset and opening your heart to consciously live a life you love. It is their intention that the tips in this e-book will assist you on your personal life journey.